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Peter Grevenstein

With more than 45 years of hands-on experience in breading and developing dressage and jumping horses.

Peter had his first contact with horses when he was five years old. Born in Aachen, the city of horses (CHIO), Peter's family has been working with horses for generations due to business in farming and logistics. 

In 1972 he started his career as a trainee at the public „State Equestrian and Driving School Rhineland (Wülfrath)“ under Alber Brandl.

Peter continued to work with horses as an independent professional horseman, focus on dressage and jumping, also successfully participating in tournaments up to the highest classes.

He was member of training staff for dressage and jumping horses and developed numerous winning stallions and mares at European tournaments.

For the past 22 years he worked as a recognized international trainer in foreign countries and earned five European Championships as trainer and Chef d'Equip.

Lena Schaaf Trainee in commercial and riding

Teresa Schaaf Student in the Riding Academy Neustadt/Dosse

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